Monday, March 14, 2011

My Favorite Day

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA for the last two weeks, they have been a little crazy. We got moved into our townhouse, but I completely underestimated how long it would take to get everything unpacked and set up. The massive job absolutely hijacked my spring break, as well as every moment Will was home from work last week!

Obviously I did not get all the school work done last week that I needed to. I am now down to six weeks until exams, and so comes the outlines, color coding, bad moods, hysterical laughing (because otherwise I would cry), stacks of note cards, ENDLESS hours in the library, people going psycho from their own endless hours in the library, and more caffeine than any one person some consume in a year. Needless to say, I am sure those most around me are just as excited for this to start all over again as I am. I am telling you all this to know that if you notice my blog a little bare until May, do not worry, I am still alive and will return more frequently in May.

Well, as you may have figured from the title, today, March 14, is my favorite day!

March 14 is known as "pi" day. For all of you who are not absolute nerds, this is because the mathematical term pi is equal to 3.1415.... Therefore, March 14 is pi day because it is 3/14. I cannot wait until 2015 when it is 3/14/15, that is going to be one heck of a party!

March 14 is also Albert Einstein's birthday. I love Albert Einstein. Not just because of his mathematical and scientific contributions, but also for his writings. I love reading books of his ideas and opinions, it gives you the slightest glimpse into what it must have been like to be inside his head. One of my favorite stories was that when Einstein died, they studied his brain. The scientists assumed they would find enlarged sections of activity or abnormalities in the logical and analytical sections of his brain. However, there was only one part of his brain that was abnormally large, and it was the portion that controlled passion-he loved what he did. With pi day and Einstein's birthday on the same day, I always convinced our physics professors in college to have a pi day party, complete with pi treats and games, ha, I know I am a loser, don't worry about telling me!

As both of these things are fabulous, I have not even told you why March 14th is my favorite day. It is Will's birthday! If nothing else had, this shows me that we were meant to be! Will is turning 24 today! He has to go to a meeting in Richland tonight, and spend his birthday at a Lizard's Thicket with farmers, ha! So we did a big meal, cake, and opened presents, just the two of us last night. We went to breakfast this morning together, which we decided we need to do a lot more often! We are also hoping to have some of our friends down here in Charleston over Friday night to celebrate and see the new place while grilling out.

I am enjoying my favorite day, but still wishing I was spending the whole day with William. I hope everyone else is having a great March 14th!