Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mary Kay Sale Friday, August 27

Hello Everyone!

As some of you know I started selling Mary Kay cosmetics to bring in some extra money during law school and because I already loved their products! Well, I have some exciting news for you...

I have been challenged, by my National Sales Director, to have $1,000 in retail sales in one day! Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? This is where YOU can benefit! Hopefully we will be able to help each other!

I am asking all of my customers to go to my website: and look around the website and through the e-Catalog, it contains all of our new, up-to-the-minute products.

Friday, August 27 is THE $1,000 day!

Orders received from 8am-12pm receive a 30% discount!
Orders received from 12pm-4pm receive a 20% discount!
Orders received from 4pm-6pm receive a 10% discount!

You just go onto my website during these times and place your order, it's that easy to get these huge discounts! If you have trouble with the website, or just prefer to place an order by phone or email, the same time discounts apply. The website is very self-explanatory. You will enter your debit/credit card information, and though the discount will not show up at this point, I will apply the appropriate discount when I run the cards that evening. I can deliver orders, put them in the mail, or you will be able to pick them up. I must have your order by 6:00 PM to qualify for the discounts, so let's BEAT THE CLOCK!

In return for your support, I will include a free eyeshadow, of your choice, with every order over $50.00. AND...When I reach my $1,000 goal, I will draw from the orders and one lucky customer will get THEIR ORDER FREE!!! For every $25 spent, you will have your name entered into the drawing an additional time.

Please feel free to tell any and all about this sale! For every friend of yours that places an order, you will get an extra 5% discount off your order (just send me an email,, by 6:00 letting me know how many orders were from your friends, and you can use this to take your discount all the way to 50% off)!

If you want a new look, or to learn more about Mary Kay products, I would be happy to spend some time with you one-on-one, or invite 2-7 friends and YOU CAN EARN FREE PRODUCT AND HOSTESS INCENTIVES! If you book an appointment you will get one additional entry into the drawing on Friday!

I am so excited about this challenge! I appreciate you and THANK YOU for helping me achieve my goal!

I know this was a little long, so to sum it up:

Log onto my website,, this Friday, August 27, and place your order for exciting cosmetic and skin care products! You must place your order between 8am and 6pm to qualify for the discounts, but the earlier, the better! Pass this onto your friends, let me know they ordered, and earn 5% off for each friend's order. Every order puts your name into a drawing for your order to be free, for every $25 you spend your name goes in again, and if you book an appointment your name goes in again!

I will draw for the FREE ORDER Friday night, and let everyone know who the lucky winner is!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Sewing and Seashores

I had a baby shower to go to for my friend from Lexington, Bridgette, about two weekends ago. I have been wanting to learn how to quilt so I decided to take this opportunity and try a baby quilt, at least I knew that it would be smaller than a normal one! It really did not take that long, and I had to rip out a few stitches, but it turned out pretty well.

This is the finished quilt. I took four fabrics and pieced them together to make four blocks. Then I sewed the blocks together, layered the front, backing, and batting, stitched them together, and then hand stitched up the hole. Then I just top-stitched around the edge, and then did a criss-cross quilting stitch.

This picture shows the backing, it was pink with white polka dots. The fabrics ended up matching perfectly with the baby's nursery.

For my last week of summer, I did not have to work, and we were able to go to the beach with Will's family for almost an entire week. We had such a wonderful time. We were right on the beach which was great, but I think Grady was the one most happy about that.

Since it was the middle of the summer, dogs are not supposed to be on the beach until after 6 pm. So, every night right at 6 we opened up the door and there Grady went. Will and I loved playing in the ocean with him!

We had such a wonderful time with the Faulkners. It was a great vacation, and a perfect way to relax before school started back!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Although no one may have missed me, lets face it, I have like two followers, I sure did miss ya'll! The last month has been filled with out of town trips, being without my computer, trying to soak up the last bit of summer laziness, and everything in between.

Well...on August 3rd our furry child, Grady, turned 1! We had a full night of doggy fun planned. We were meeting a few friends, and their dogs, at the dog park for a play date, and then we were going to have Frosty Paws, doggy ice cream, back at the house. Well, Wal-Mart apparently stopped carrying Frosty Paws and then it rained so we could not go to the dog park. But don't worry, it was still a great night for Grady!

It stayed dry long enough for Grady (the one laying down) and Gunner to play in the back yard. Gunner is one of our neighbors dog, and is a Golden Retriever as well, just about two months younger than Grady. Gunner actually was attacked by an alligator in our complex a few days before this, but besides a cut on his head, he came out unharmed!

I think Grady actually liked his birthday hat, he wore it without a fight almost all night.

In addition to new toys, Grady got a little vanilla ice cream. We had to go with regular ice cream since Wal-Mart was out of Frosty Paws. Overall, I think he had a pretty good birthday.

Fast forward to August 6...our friends Zac and Alicia got engaged!!!!!!

Zac Rich is one of Will's best friends, and was a groomsman in our wedding. He is from Lexington and grew up going to school with Will and me. He and Will played basketball together growing up, and I know Will cherishes their friendship so much. Zac went to USC Upstate to play basketball in college, which is where he met Alicia Donald, his fiance! Alicia is a nurse down here in Charleston and is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! They are such a wonderful couple and Will and I wish them nothing but the very best!

Here is the beautiful couple after coming back to Alicia's house. A few of us were at her house to congratulate them after Zac proposed. Zac had planned on proposing on the beach, but pretty much the worst storm ever hit that night, so he ended up proposing on the Battery in Charleston in the pouring down rain, which is actually pretty romantic!

Alicia showing off her BEAUTIFUL ring! It is a princess cut solitaire, and looks so good on her hand!

Will and Zac's friend Jeremy and his fiance, Brittany, were able to come down from Lexington for the engagement celebration as well! We are so excited for Brittany and Jeremy as well!

It was such a fun night, and we cannot wait until... August 6, 2011 for the wedding!!

I will have to catch you up on everything else is getting pretty late and I have got to get used to going to bed early again, since I start school back on Thursday!