Thursday, April 21, 2011

Exam Insomnia

So before I write this post, I just want to say that I realize how lucky I am to be able to attend law school and work towards my dream of becoming an attorney. Yes, I am stressed, but I am not dying, and it will all be worth it in the end (unless I fail, haha). With that being said...

There is something that I like to call "exam insomnia." I know that I am not the only one that experiences this, and maybe y'all have this or have had this at some point in life. I never experienced it until law school, and traditionally have been someone who could fall asleep anywhere, sleep for twelve hours straight if I got the chance, and sleep through a tornado. But, ahhh, last night I realized that exam insomnia is back for yet another round of its torture.

I will study all day until I feel that my eyes have gone crossed, and that is when I decide to go to bed. Usually, I am so tired that I can barely speak in full sentences. And finally, I am able to crawl in the bed....and then nothing happens; I just lay there. My brain refuses to shut down. It methodically goes over my outlines in my head and pictures my notecards. Periodically looking at the clock and re-evaluating how much sleep I could get if I feel asleep at that moment only makes it worse. Then, after some sheep counting or something of that nature, I finally fall asleep-but only to a sleep filled with exam questions and essay answers. So here is to powering through two weeks of sleepless nights. I guess it isn't completely terrible, maybe I am absorbing the material better by dreaming about it too, ha.

So, to get me through my weariness, I will share a few of my favorite things that help me through exams. No, it is absolutely not things like hard work, planning ahead, and confidence; although these things help me to achieve the results I want, they do not keep me from turning into a zombie. Will provides most of these, as he is the most amazing husband-and is actually the only reason I have a chance of making it to May 5th. Don't worry, I will be throwing him a party when I graduate.

I love sharpie pens. They help keep me organized, and I love the way they write. I keep several extra packages on backup, just in case.

Hershey's Cookies & Cream candy bars are the fabulous sweet snack I need. I love to keep them in the refrigerator before I eat them.
Hallelujah! That is pretty much all I have to say about my Grande White Mocha Skinny Latte. (But at $4.70 a piece, I can't say it nearly enough.)

My outlines are pretty intense, with a good bit of color coding going on, and can be kind of lengthy. So, during exams, I usually go through 2 cartridges of each, black ink and color ink. But, I'm so glad I have my own printer, because I would hate to just see all my painstaking color coding go to waste on the school's black and white printer.

I just love nerd ropes because they are fun to eat. Also, are you seeing the trend in things that get me through exams, don't judge if I have gained a few pounds at the end!

Don't worry, law school is not all bad, and I really do love it. But, if you see me over the next two weeks, please do not hold me responsible for my appearance, and I will be rejoining the human race soon.


  1. I think nerd ropes have always been a cure for any and everything in our lifetimes. love you and im praying for you darling.

  2. I love your fixes!!! :) and I have complete faith in you!!! Your post has made me laugh and feel total sympathy all at the same time! Love you, Mom